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the Loves & the Regrets reviews

Hello my lovelys,
For the past 2 weeks, I had a shopaholic attack and picked up lots of goodies.  I will get around to reviewing everything that Ive tried out, but todays review will focus mainly on one product that I LOVE and one product that I REGRET buying.  Im not saying that the results I encountered will be the same for everyone, but for me it was.  Enjoy!

Face Atelier Powder Eye Pencil in Onyx
-the one I regret

So I have very watery eyes, and Powder pencils  tend to stay on me the longest when used before setting it with black mineral powder.  Face Atelier is a cosmetic company geared towards professional makeup artists and has a pretty good reputation.  They are known for their foundation line, a mixture of foundation and primer in one!  However, in my opinion their pencil is =( not good at all.  Especially for the price of $19.50.  The color is not the truest black.  Its more of like a really dark grey and kind of transparent when applied to the waterline.  After application, 15 minutes later... I had raccoon eyes and the liner powder had seperated all over my waterline. Very disappointed.  I hate throwing away products , so I tried the pencil on my top lid eyeliner and smudged it for a smokey effect.  Other than that, I dont recommend this liner.
  1. good for smudged effect
  1. Pricey @ $19.50 
  2. No staying power
  3. Not a true black color
Rating:  2 out of 5

For an alternative, with much better quality and bargain, I recommend Katie B's powder eyeliner.  It can be found here:  

or if you would like the set, it can be found here:

These liners have the truest black pigmentation and stays longer than face atelier's liners. The texture is very soft and almost giving a  silky feeling.  The liners are available in 3 colors, while the set is only available in black.   The liner by itself is sold for only $16.50 and the set with a liner and powder is $34.  With the set, it is a bit pricey, but you recieve a huge pot of black powder that will last you forever!!! It is also very pigmented and a little will go a lonnnggggg way.  So in the end its very worth it because of its quality, size, and multiple uses (liner, shadow, etc.).

Benefit Cosmetics Lipscription 
-the one I love

For months I was on the hunt for a quality lip exfoliator and I finally found it.  For a person that loves lipstick, I have very chapped lips naturally.  This product is a must before lipstick application!!  The set includes a tube of exfoliating cream and a tube of lip balm.  I really mean it when I say that a little goes a long way with this.  Its pretty pricey, so dont be wasteful!!  The buffing beads in the exfoliator is gentle on your lips but strong enough to buff away all that dead skin. The exfoliater cream is not oily, but rather creamy.  So you wont get that disgusting oily feeling.  The balm is thick enough to give you a long lasting moisturizer for your lips, but isnt annoyingly sticky.  These two put together gives you a perfect canvas for lipstick application, just like those models in covergirl!! Ofcourse, your lips will be flushed with red, since you just applied pressure to them when exfoliating.  So, having nude lipstick or lipgloss will tone down the redness.  But if you like the red tone on your lips , then throw on some clear gloss and you are set!  I would buy this product again and again, but from the looks of it, this set will last me for quite a while. <3

  1. Gentle exfoliating beads
  2. It actually works
  3. Balm is a good lip conditioner
  4. A little goes a long way
  5. No irritating smells or fregrances
  1. A bit pricey @ $34 for the set
  2. Exfoliating cream dries out rather fast during application (does not effect outcome, because it looses moisture to remove dead skin)  
Rating: 4.8 out of 5  (perfect other than the price)


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