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Green Smokey Eyes and Reviews

Hi Guys!!
Today I am going to review Beeroyal Rose Bouquet Blushes, Lorac eyeshadow in "after party" & "goddess", i.d. Bare minerals in "tortoise",  and the Balm eyeshadow in "jealous jordana".  All of which I used in this completed look. Lets do this!!

Beeroyal Rose Bouquet Blushes

These are definitely a collectors item.  The deep imprint of the rose is absolutely beautiful.  The color that I am wearing is in Garden Bouquet.  I did happen to purchase Garden Bouquet, Autumn Flower, Wild flower, and Rose Petal.  The textures of these blushes are silky soft and the color payoff is good, but not wildly intense.  Given that this series is a brides collection, the mixtures of colors give off a very subtle and soft appearance ( but color is buildable ).  Garden Bouquet and Autumn flower are very similar in color, with an exception that Autumn gives off a softer pink hue.  They currently are having a 25% off on entire order on!! yay for sales!

  1. Pretty print!!
  2. Silky texture
  3. Even balance of colors
  4. Subtle and natural colors
  5. Buildable coverage
  1. A bit on the pricy side: $35
  2. Tacky plastic brand sticker (peels right off, leaving a black matte plastic case)
  3. Not for people who want an intense colored blush
Rating: 3 out of 5

Lorac eyeshadow in "after party" & "goddess"

These shadows are comparable to stila eyeshadows.  Its very silky and is not powdery at all.  Color payoff is great, esp for the shimmery purple ( after party). The size of these are about the same size as Macs and coastal scents eyeshadows. I would purchase this again.

  1. Silky texture for super easy blending
  2. Very pigmented
  1. A bit pricey : $19
Rating: 4 out of 5

i.d. Bare minerals in "tortoise"

Very pigmented shadows.  Bare i.d. minerals have these distinct glitters in most of their shimmery shadows, with tiny interference glitters that almost have a rainbow effect.  Very eye-catching.  

  1. Pigmented
  2. A little goes a long way
  3. Subtle micro glitters that dont look tacky
  1. A bit pricey: $13 for .57g
  2. Mineral shadows, so a bit harder to work with due to fallouts
Rating: 4 out of 5

the Balm eyeshadow in "jealous jordana"

One of my favorite eyeshadows.  The sizes of these are twice the size of MACs pans and about the same size as Stila eyeshadows.  Textures are similar to Urban Decays shadows, where they are evenly powdery and silky for easy blending.  Very pigmented.  

  1. Very cute packaging ( sturdy cardboard with inside mirror)
  2. Only $14 for big pan that goes a long way
  3. Very pigmented
  4. Easy to blend 
  1. ....nothing really =)
Rating: 5 out of 5

pwhew!! that was a long post.  If theres anything I didnt answer, please feel free to ask so that I can satisfy your curiosity =]  

Yours Truly,

Kim Kay


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