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Katie B. Faux Lash Mascara

Hello my sweethearts!
I just wanted to start off my first post with a product review.   It is the all time favorite Katie B. waterproof  Faux Lash Mascara.  Ive been using this mascara for 3 years and everyone I have recommended it to, has been a faithful user.  Why is it so awesome?  Being asian, I have stick straight lashes and most mascaras out there weigh them down.  Faux Lash Mascara is formulated to thicken, lengthen, define, and KEEPS your lashes curled all day!!  

The brush is designed to reach the outer corner lashes with its cone shaped bristles.  For those of you that are always  in a rush, the brush is a plus because it is rather big and can coat those lashes in no time without clumping.  But when I do take my time to evenly coat my lashes 2-3 times, the results are more defined lashes.  The formula's drying speed is at a medium level, so I do have an opportunity to work with it until I get the results I want.

 The brush design can also be a downfall to people who perfer small brushes.   This type of brush is also not meant for the lower lashes because of its size.  However, I love the formula so much that I just use a smaller disposable mascara wand to coat my lower lashes. Lastly, throughout the day the mascara does not flake, so it stays looking fresh.  

The best thing about this, is that it won't cost you an arm and a leg.  Its only $13.50  for a 13g/.46 oz. tube that will last you quite a while.

If you have a chance to read up on Katie B on her websites, you will feel a lot more comfortable trusting her products.  Her portfolio is pretty impressive.

  • Affordable
  • Keeps lashes curled
  • Defines
  • Lengthens
  • Thickens
  • Waterproof
  • No flaking
  • 100% natural ingredients: mamey seed oil, bee wax, isoparafins, castor oil, anhydriede lanoline, black iron oxide tenox, propylparaben
  • Not available in stores, only online
  • Only shade available is Bat Black
  • Brush is too big for a clean application for lower lashes
  • A bit harder to remove with makeup remover
  • Plastic packaging could be cuter! =)
Product Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Make sure that when applying this mascara:
  1. Apply to clean, combed, and curled lashes. 
  2. Start at the base of your lashes and wiggle the wand to obtain a thickened base  
  3. Slowly drag out to the tips lashes.  
  4. Repeat 2-5 times to coat your entire lash
  5. After one coat, let dry for about 10-20 seconds and reapply a 2nd or 3rd coat depending on your desired thickness.....and wah laa! your set for the day.  
  6. Do not try to recurl your lashes after application (because you wont need to!) Because if you do, it will clump up the base of your lashes and those luscious lashes wont look so great anymore.
As I have mentioned before that the only thing I kind of dont like about this mascara is the brush.  Sooooo recently, I received a deluxe sample of Bare Essentials BUXOM lash mascara.  I tried it, and as always many mascara formulas do not hold up a curl, neither did BADgal mascara from Benefit cosmetics.  BUT anywho, what i DO like is the BUXOM mascara wand.  I absolutely love how its rubber bristles act as an eyelash comb while applying mascara.  

SO, I removed the brush from the Faux Lash and replaced it with the wand from buxom.  In order for the brush to fit into the faux lash tube , you also have to switch the plastic stopper that holds back the excess mascara.  This combination makes the perfectoo mascara.  I will post before and after pictures soon.  

Did I mention that the silver capped wand makes the Faux Lash packaging look ubber cute?  **hint hint katie B** =)

Yours truly,
Kim Kay


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