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Hello everyone!  Long time no blog!  Ive been so busy lately since school just started.  Anywho, I just recently did a photoshoot with model/actress Connie Lopez.  So im excited for those photos to come out so that I can share them with you all!  Besides that, because it is makeup related,  I wanted to share a picture of a recent birthday gift that i received from my boyfriend!  Its a vanity set!!!!! isnt it beautiful??!!! i love it!! It has a very contemporary touch to it and that is exactly what I love.  This was one of the sweetest present Ive gotten from him , besides my beautiful puppy i got for my birthday last year, which is also pictured below.  YAY no more sitting on the floor doing my makeup haha.  

Other than those exciting news, I recently bought a couple things from   The wonderful thing about katie's line is that her aim is healthy mineral makeup.  All of her products are made from natural and chemical free minerals.  Awesome!  As you all know, im faithfully inlove with her mascara.  Now im inlove with her foundation, concealer stick, and powder. All three of them used together give you the most airbrushed and full coverage you can ask for.  In my opinion if I had to choose one product out of those three, I would definitely go for the concealer/foundation stick.  Its rich, creamy, and very pigmented.  If you email her, Im sure she would help you pick out the right color if you send her your photo.  She personally called me and helped me pick out all the right colors. Now thats what I call wonderful customer service!  I also purchased the pressed mineral bronzer.  All the details of those products and  are below... more detailed info on each product can be found on .... enjoy!!

Katie B Liquid Mineral Foundation

  1. Matte finish
  2. Creamy and pigmented
  3. Little goes a long ways
  4. Chemical free sunblock since they are purely mineral!
  1. A little on the pricey side running at $34 for 35 grams
  2. Not for those who like dewy finishes
Rating:  4 out of 5

Katie B Concealer/Foundation stick

  1. Works as a duo concealer and foundation!
  2. When used on top of liquid foundation, it gives you a fuller coverage
  3. Creamy yet non greasy feel
  4. Very pigmented
  5. infused with vitamins A, B, and C
  1. Nothing really, i love it.
Rating: 5 out of 5

Katie B Dual Pressed Powder

  1. Soft matte finish
  2. Has Triclosan to help prevent breakouts
  3. Densely formulated
  4. Great for touch ups
  5. Desired coverage density can be adjusted accordingly 
  1. Sheer coverage if used alone
  2. Packaging is a bit bulky
  3. Running at $30 each compact
Rating 3.8 out of 5

Katie B Mineral Bronzer

  1. Completly matte and sparkle free!
  2. Natural bronzy tan look
  3. a little goes a long ways
  4. Very pigmented
  5. Slim and easy to carry compact
  1. nothing =)
Rating: 5 out of 5

This is a photo of me wearing all Katie B products listed above, so that you can see how flawless the coverage is!!


Tiffany from iloveadore said...

:D I used to do makeup tutorials for ladies with monolids. I love that with makeup your canvass is your face, and that you can show it off to the world wherever you go. :)

I LOVE the vanity set! I would seriously bug my boyfriend for one only if I had room for it. :)

And thanks again for the kind and thoughtful compliment. :)

Tiffany from iloveadore said...

Btw, it's pretty difficult when trying to post a comment. The 'capcha' box doesn't show unless you hit tab a few times and even so, the 'post' button doesn't show.. O.O

it took me a while to post the previous comment, let's hope I get as lucky as last time!

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